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50 Shapes of Decks with John from GooLTD

In this episode, we chat with John of GooLTD about getting into fingerboarding, starting GooLTD, making decks, experimenting with new shapes, bringing back classic skateboard shapes, along with John's thoughts about 55mm decks.

The Shifts Within the Fingerboard Community with Sid of Vicious274

In this episode, we chat with Sidney Pereira / Vicious274 about getting into fingerboarding, the early days of fingerboarding, the shifts within the fingerboarding communities, along with becoming sponsored Flatface and Berlinwood and Sid thoughts about skateboarding being in the Olympics.

Nothing is New, Everything is Done Differently with Keelan from RedWolfFB

This in episode, we chat with Keelan from RedWolf Fingerboard about getting into fingerboarding, starting RedWolf Fingerboards, chatting about urethane wheels, how fingerboarding has shifted over time, giving and taking feedback, as well as learning from other within the community.

The Crossover Between Fingerboarding and Kendama with Jake from Grain Theory

In this episode, we talk with Jake Wiens, owner of Grain Theory & Kendama Pro, about TechDecks in 1998, how skating lead to kendama and fingerboarding along with why Grain Theory was started with helpful life advice. Get your very own high quality fingerboard complete starting $17.95 with 10% off when you use code PodcastTen

Fingerboard Deck History with Brandon from Lakewood FB

This in episode we chat with Brandon from Lakewood FB about getting into fingerboarding, starting Lakewood, chatting about decks, and what size is too big? 55mm decks? Being a deck maker and much more...

Crafting Realistic Fingerboard Wheels with Alex from Peak Fingerboards

This episode, we chat with Alex from Peak Fingerboard about getting into fingerboarding, starting PEAK, crafting realistic wheels from urethane and scaling the business during COVID and more. Stay Tuned until the end to hear the details about the upcoming product drop.

Discovering the World of HANDBOARDING with SkaterHand

In this episode, we chat with Chandler of SkaterHand about Handboarding. What the community is like, how he got started with handboarding, his involvement in other board sports. along with how he makes handboard obstacles.

Creating One of Kind GRAPHICS with ChemsFB

In this episode, we talk with CHEMS about Fingerboarding, his transition from graffiti artist to deck maker and collaborating with artists around the world to create awesome deck graphics. *STAY TUNED until the end for a surprise.*

The RISE 3D of Printing in Fingerboarding with Jonathan from 3D Blueprints

In this episode, we talk with Jonathan and Crew from 3D Blueprints about Fingerboarding, 3D printing with both filament and resin along with the benefits and drawbacks of 3D printing and the future of 3D printing.

From Boards to Bushing with Jason from Level Up Fingerboarding

In this episode, we talk with Jason from LevelUp about Fingerboarding, the meaning behind LEVEL UP Brand as well as his famous bushings and much more.

Mid-Season Rewind P2 with Northwoods, David Jones, Timo and Joycult.

In this Mid-Season REWIND, we listen to some of favorite episode moments with Jared from Northwoods (Ep.6), David Jones (Ep.8), Timo from ASI Berlin (Ep.1), Matt from Joycult (Ep.3-5) DON'T FORGET TO LISTEN TO PART 1


Katha from FBS shares her experience doing the First Fingerboarding Tour in Asia during 2015 and her love for traveling and meeting others.

Mid-Season Rewind with SorryForFingerboarding, Joycult and Katha and more.

In this Mid-Season REWIND, we listen to some of favorite episode moments with Katha from KathaFBS (Ep.2), Nash from SorryForFingerboarding (Ep.11), Bert from Mezcal (Ep.10), Matt from Joycult (Ep.3-5), Alan from Grind Fingerboards (Ep.7) and Seth from Syn Fingerboards (Ep.13) STAY TUNED FOR PART 2!

The Fingerboarding Scene in New Zealand | David Jones Bonus Clip

In this exclusive bonus clip, david jones chats about fingerboarding scene in New Zealand and more.

How a game of S.K.A.T.E lead to creation of SYN | Seth from Syn Fingerboard

In this episode, we talk with Seth about his fingerboarding journey from being sponsored to starting his brand and much more. This episode was recorded in late January, so some of the details might not be actual.

Stop Asking to be SPONSORED! | Rider Interview with Weirdboarding

Kicking off our first rider interview, we chat with Stevo / @weirdboarding about how he got started with fingerboarding, why he skates without griptape, and his thoughts on the duties and responsibilities of being a sponsored rider.

Sorry Stories with Nash from SorryforFingerboarding | Fingerboarding Interview

In this episode, we chat with Nash about how he started SorryForFingerboarding with his dad, how the business evolved, and collaborating with Blackriver, FlatFace Slushcult and many more brands.

Learning about Fingerboarding with Pop-Up Events | Bert from MezcalFBS

In this episode, we chat with Bert about his legendary pop-up events that welcome individuals of all skill levels and get curious minds introduced to fingerboard along with the back on his brand and how he got started with fingerboarding.

Insights on Developing & Producing 3D Printed Wheels | Justin & Zach From Imperial Fingerboard

In this episode we chat with Justin & Zach of Imperial Fingerboards about the process of 3D printing resin based fingerboards & wheels along with makes them unique and their thoughts about people's first impression with 3D printing fingerboard gear, this interview was recorded in early this year.

The Peaks of Fingerboarding | Episode Highlights from Timo Kranz | Fingerspace Ep.5

In this episode highlight, TIMO talks about the peaks and valleys of fingerboarding, which is from FINGERSPACE Episode 5 with Timo Kranz from ASI BERLIN

Insights from YouTube's Biggest Fingerboarder | David Jones from YouTube & Pork Fingerboards

In this episode, we are chatting with David Jones, the Top 15th Youtuber In New Zealand, Owner of Pork Fingerboards, Content Creator & Board Sports Enthusiast and Podcaster of the Bored Podcast. We discuss, how got started film videos, background in action sports and how he got more involved with Fingerboarding during a injury and what you need to do if you want to be content creator plus so much more.

From Plastic Toy to Pro Gear Brand | Alan from Grind Fingerboards

In this episode, we chat with Alan from Grind Fingerboards and we discuss how he transition from using a McDonald Kid Meal Toy to starting branding starting Pro Gear, what goes into selling on Ebay, things people might not realize about running a fingerboard brand and much more.

The Ultimate Joycult Sponsorship Offer | Excusive Joycult Bonus Clip

This Excusive Joycult Bonus Clip Shares The ULTIMATE JOYCULT SPONSORSHIP Offer To Our Listeners and Fan....

Building Creditability within the Fingerboard Scene | Jared from Northwoods | Fingerboarding History

In this episode, we chat with Jared from Northwoods and we discuss fingerboards before the rise of tech decks, using paper decks, and the early beginning, the start of Northwoods. How Jared got a bank to give him a loan, and the struggles as a brand then vs not, and what fingerboards brands need to stop doing.

How COVID Impacted Joycult and Fingerboarding | Matt from Joycult | Part 3 of 3

In part three of this three part interview series with Matt from Joycult, we discuss how fingerboarding impacted the community as whole and how it impacted the Joycult brand with the lockdowns in Canada and learning from Wayne Gretzky

The Internet is a Dumpster | Matt from Joycult | Part 2 of 3

In part two of this three part interview series with Matt from Joycult, we discuss how a fingerboard giveaway was taken the wrong way, the crazy world of fingerboard social media, copycats in the fingerboard market and much more.

Skateboarding is Now Copying Fingerboarding | Matt From Joycult | Part 1 of 3

In part one of this three part interview series with Matt from Joycult, we discuss skating, how Matt got introduced to Berlinwood, the fingerboarding scene, as well as the beginning of the Joycult brand.

Everyone is Welcome in Fingerboarding | with Katha from FBS | The History Fingerboarding from 2005-2010 and More

What Do Online Forums, Colored Bushing & Asia Fingerboarding Tour, all have in common? Yes you guess it, Katha of FBS

Making Your Passion Your Profession | Timo Kranz from ASI Berlin

In this episode, Timo Kranz from ASI Berlin discussed the history of the German fingerboard scene, how he got into fingerboarding, and the story behind the famous ASI Berlin Shop in Germany.

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